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03 August 20234 min read

Solar switchers have tripled since 2020

Solar installations have more than tripled since 2020

According to Solar Energy UK (the trade association representing the solar industry), weekly solar installations in the UK have more than tripled since July 2020. The association state that in 2020 approx. 1,000 installations took place each week, but this year that number has already surpassed 3,000. And that number is still increasing at an incredible rate. Data from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero is forecasting solar installations to average over 4,000 a week in 2023. Meaning that by the end of this year solar adoption will actually have quadrupled in just 3 years!

Graph of UK solar installation forecast 2020 - 2023

What's causing this increase in solar uptake?

Although this exponential increase might seem crazy, when you look at what's driving solar adoption, it's not actually that surprising. Although many people are choosing solar because of the environmental crisis and their desire to reduce their carbon footprint - this isn't the main reason most of us are turning to solar. As reported to Parliament in June this year, energy prices increased by 54% in April 2022. That’s a huge increase by almost any household's budget. And unfortunately, although we're in a slight dip right now (due to government intervention), energy prices continue to be volatile and the overall trend is still very much on the rise.

Graph showing increase in household energy bills since 2012

Energy bills savings is #1 reason for switching to solar

It is in fact exactly these rising costs and lack of energy security that's driving more and more of us to switch to solar.

To put this in real terms, did you know you that adding a solar and battery system to your home could save you over 70% on your electricity bill? With bills sky high and set to stay elevated for the foreseeable, that's a substantial amount of money. And explains why more and more UK residents are choosing to power our homes with solar.

No one can deny the energy crisis is causing a lot of pain for the UK, but there is at least one silver lining; more of us are turning to renewable energy sources to power our homes.

The other part of the puzzle is that this rise in solar uptake has resulted in a drop in solar prices, making solar more accessible and affordable than ever. Put simply, paying for your solar and battery system has never been cheaper. In fact, the price of solar panels has dropped by a whopping 65% since 2010. And advances in battery and inverter tech are reducing system prices even further. So, as the meteoric rise in people switching to solar illustrates; solar makes more sense now than ever.

There are many other benefits to installing solar

But it's not just saving money on your bills which is causing people to switch to solar. From increased energy security and independence from the grid, to cheap electric car charging and adding some serious £££ to the value of your home; there are a whole heap of benefits when it comes to installing a solar panel system. (If you haven't read it already, it's well worth checking out our our top 10 reasons to switch to solar for the full lowdown.)

But, even with so many people now choosing solar, this doesn't mean you won't still have some good questions on your mind if you're beginning to consider solar yourself. People who come to us at Sunsave are often looking for answers to a number of questions, such as: Are solar panels worth it? How much will solar panels really save me? Is my roof suitable for solar panels? To name just a few. Thankfully, we're here to help. (After all, most of us can't afford a solar array like these guys... no wonder they look so smug.)

Couple chilling in front of large residential solar array

Interested in exploring solar but unsure where to start?

If you have questions about solar, but are a bit overwhelmed by all the information out there, and don't want a pushy sales person coming to your door (for what it's worth, we wouldn't like that either), speaking to us is a great place to start. At Sunsave we offer free solar consultations, which are remote via a short call. Our friendly, expert team will run you through your home's bespoke solar design (all we need to create this are your answers to our 45 second solar suitability quiz). Our solar specialists will also answer any questions you might have and run you through all the savings calculations and costs in detail.

Getting all the facts and figures you need

There are no back of envelope calculations here. We use high-tech 3D modelling and energy algorithms to accurately breakdown how much you can save, with a pdf copy of your solar proposal to look through in your own time. We're also on hand via email or phone any time you have a question. And importantly, there's absolutely no obligation to proceed. As we mentioned above, we're not a fan of pushy sales people - but a short call with one of our solar specialists can give you all the information you need to decide if you want to explore further.


In conclusion, the one silver lining to come out of the energy crisis and continued energy volatility, is the increase in people looking to renewable technology for the answer. Solar offers a green way to save more than 70% on your electricity bills and, among many other benefits, protect you from future volatility by making you less dependent on the grid (and all the external forces that impact it). So if you're curious about solar and want to see if joining the 3,000+ households a week already switching to solar makes sense for you, why not book a chat today? It’s completely free, can be as quick as 10 mins with no obligation to proceed. You've genuinely got nothing to lose, so why not get started by taking our 45 second solar suitability quiz today?

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