Complaints Information for our Customers

Complaints Officer Contact Details 
  • Name: Ben Graves  
  • Telephone: 0203 868 3236
  • Address: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ
  • E-mail:

Has something gone wrong or are you unhappy with the service we have provided you?

We aim to provide a very high standard of service, but sometimes things don’t go to plan. If this happens, we will work with you to fix it as soon as possible.  

We really appreciate the chance to make things right, as well as to learn from it so we don’t repeat any mistakes.  

If you don’t feel comfortable raising the issue directly with us, or you’re not satisfied with how we are managing your problem, you can escalate to HIES to request mediation. HIES is a consumer protection body who accredits our installation capability. You can contact them by telephoning 0330 335 3354 or alternatively, via the HIES website:

If your complaint is about another party, we will refer details of the complaint to the third party and communicate this to you. 

Step One: Tell us what’s happened, and we’ll try to resolve it as soon as possible

Please submit any complaints via email to, or call us on 020 3868 3236. Our phonelines are open 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday, or you can leave us a voicemail. 

 Please provide the following information to help us solve the problem: 

  • Your contact details or account number – just in case we need to ask any follow-up questions 
  • Background information on the problem 
  • What impact it’s having on you 
  • Your preferred resolution, if you have one 

We aim to resolve complaints promptly and fairly with clear communication and, where appropriate, fair redress. 

If we can’t resolve the problem straight away, we will refer it to our Complaints Officer or a member of the senior management team who will take full ownership of resolving it. 

Complaints that we solve within three business days will be recorded and communicated via an informal process. If you accept our resolution to your complaint, we will promptly send you a written ‘Summary Resolution Communication’, which acknowledges that you made a complaint and that we now considered it resolved, and that if you subsequently decide you are dissatisfied with the resolution you may be able to refer the complaint back to us or to the Financial Ombudsman Service. We may also use other forms of communication where we consider doing so may better meet your needs or which we have already used to communicate about the complaint.

Step Two: If we can’t resolve it within three business days, we’ll follow a more formal procedure:

As a regulated business, we will follow formal regulatory procedure. We will: 

  • Send you an initial response letter as soon as we can, and no later than five days after receiving your complaint. This will include details on what we are doing about it. 
  • Fully investigate the complaint and, where necessary, make contact with you to seek clarification on any points. 
  • Send you a final response letter as soon as we can, and no later than eight weeks after receiving your complaint. This will include details on how your complaint was investigated, what the outcome was and why, and if we will offer you any financial redress. Any financial redress with include a clear method of calculation, and it will be paid promptly and in full. 

If, after we have shared the final response, you either confirm you are satisfied with that solution or you do not provide confirmation within four weeks, we will close your complaint. 

Step Three: If we can’t resolve it within eight weeks, and you took a finance product from us, you may escalate to the Financial Ombudsman (FOS) :

If we fail to reach a resolution within eight weeks, we’ll contact you to provide a thorough explanation as to why. 

 If your complaint relates to a financial product, you may escalate the complaint to FOS. Please be mindful that you must do this within 6 months of the date of our final response. We will co-operate fully with them in resolving any complaints and agree to be bound by any awards made by them. 

 The contact details for FOS are:

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