About us

Our mission

Sunsave is on a mission to help households take control of their energy bills, while also creating a cleaner, greener Britain. We passionately believe the best way to do this is by making the power of solar accessible to all.

Our solution

We believe solar has the potential to solve the UK’s energy crisis. ~70% of UK households say they’d like to install solar, but only 3% have. Why are these figures so wildly different? The obvious answer is cost. A high quality solar and battery storage system can be expensive and therefore simply out of reach for many of us.

The second reason is complexity. With a lot of misinformation, conflicting advice and a lack of transparency, it can be surprisingly challenging to get a good value, reliable solar system installed to a high standard here in the UK.

At Sunsave, we want to fix this. We believe solar should be accessible to everyone and that households can benefit from day one, rather than waiting years to recover their costs.

We’re building a subscription model that’s special because it doesn’t require a big lump sum upfront. Instead, we want to offer households the opportunity to reduce their current electricity bill and go solar with a standardised, predictable and stable monthly payment.

Not only does this make solar more accessible, it also makes it much simpler. Sunsave takes the complexity away from going solar by selecting some of the best products in the market and presenting them as one clear, cohesive package, that will not only work seamlessly together, but will also look great and last for years and years to come.

When we launch our subscription service, we aim to remove any ongoing hassle by taking care of all of the maintenance and techy bits for you. This means that, included in that predictable monthly payment, we will take care of everything; from monitoring and maintenance to maximising your energy savings, whatever the weather (or economic climate).

Our story

What led us to this point of planning the UK’s first solar subscription service? Well, as strong believers in clean tech, we were shocked at just how hard it is to ‘go solar’ in the UK. Conflicting industry information, the lack of affordable financing, the absence of an all-in-one solution - it shouldn’t be this difficult! When you don’t think what’s available is good enough, you start to wonder whether you should build something better yourself… So, in early 2022, we founded Sunsave.

We set out to build something different with the backing of established venture capital funds (who also backed Dropbox, Google, Airbnb, PayPal), well known angel investors such as Stuart Rose (Chairman of Asda), Michael Spencer (Founder of Nex Group/ICAP) and renowned industry leader, Bill Nussey (Author of ‘Freeing Energy’).

We now have a brilliant and growing team full of diverse skills and backgrounds - covering a broad range of industries from energy, finance, tech and more. Our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service brings us all together on this mission to revolutionise the solar industry and accelerate our journey to net zero.

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