Sunsave is on a mission to make the power of solar accessible to all UK households

Our story

Co-founders Alick and Ben met at Oxford University in 2011, when solar panels were emerging in the UK. They had a shared interest in energy and the climate, and were fascinated by this new technology that could provide near limitless clean energy.

A decade later, they were surprised at how little solar they saw on UK roofs. The technology had improved significantly; cheaper, sleeker and more efficient. It was incredible to see how it had progressed. While researching solar for their own homes, they learned that prices were in the tens of thousands, making it unaffordable. And they discovered they weren’t alone in their thinking: 70% of UK households wanted it but only 4% had gone solar.

Meanwhile, in the US, Germany and the Netherlands, household solar had grown rapidly, driven by solar subscription models. It was affordable, offered total peace of mind and was hassle-free — a no-brainer for customers.

Taking everything they’d learned from careers in finance and entrepreneurship, they founded Sunsave in 2022 with a simple mission: make solar accessible to all UK households by launching the UK’s first solar subscription.

Our sources
  • 70% of UK households say they’d like to install solar - Sunsave research, August 2022
  • 4% of UK households have solar panels - Solar photovoltaics deployment, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, October 2023
Graph showing potential energy price rises

Solar can help the UK’s energy crisis

In recent years, the UK has seen just how expensive and unreliable it can be to heavily depend on gas for electricity. Nobody can predict the future, but with energy prices forecast to stay high until the late 2030s, and electricity consumption expected to increase 50% by 2035, it’s clear we’re going to need other energy sources.

That’s where solar comes in. Panels and batteries are now cheaper and more efficient, making solar a cheaper form of energy — with the potential to free the UK from a costly and temperamental gas-powered grid. But there’s one huge problem: the average solar system costs £10,270, and half of UK households have less than £5,000 in savings.

Our sources

The UK’s first solar subscription

We’ve created Sunsave Plus, which doesn’t require a one-off lump sum. Instead, it’s a subscription where you can pay for solar with a fixed monthly payment. The best part? You’ll save on your energy bills immediately.

Not only are we making solar more accessible, we’re making it simple, too. We’ve selected the best kit in the market for you and combined it in one easy package, with a 20-year Sunsave Guarantee. This kit works seamlessly together, looks great and will last for years to come.

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Our investors

We’ve raised over £9.2 million from leading venture capital funds Norrsken and Plug and Play (who also backed Paypal, Google, Airbnb, Northvolt), well known angel investors like Stuart Rose (Chairman of Asda), Michael Spencer (Founder of Nex Group/ICAP) and renowned industry leader, Bill Nussey (Author of ‘Freeing Energy’).

Our values

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Our journey so far

  • Number one

    Raised significant funding

    From 2022-2023, we raised £9.2 million from established venture capital funds that invested in Google, Airbnb and PayPal, plus successful investors like Stuart Rose, Chairman of Asda, and industry leader Bill Nussey, author of Freeing Energy.

  • number 2

    Moved to Soho, London

    In January 2023, we moved to an office in the hustle and bustle of Chinatown in central London. The Sunsave team is now 30 people strong, with decades of experience in the solar industry and leading tech companies.

  • Number 3

    Government backing

    In May 2023, we received a £200,000 grant from the UK government via its Green Home Finance Accelerator (GHFA) initiative to fund the research and development of our solar subscription. In January 2024, this was followed up by a further £2 million to launch Sunsave Plus.

  • Number 4

    Endorsed by Which?

    In September 2023, the independent experts at Which? put us to the test and endorsed Sunsave as a Trusted Trader, demonstrating that we’re one of the highest quality solar installers around.

  • Number 5

    Received FCA approval

    We also got authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in September 2023, which means we can now offer our groundbreaking solar subscription to UK households.

  • Octopus partnership

    In October 2023, we partnered with Octopus to give our customers easy access to their market-leading smart tariffs, helping them to save more.

Our team

We’ve got a brilliant team of 30+ people with a wide range of backgrounds. Together, we have decades of solar industry knowledge, plus experience building world-changing products at companies like Monzo, OVO and Deliveroo.

We’re driven by our mission to make the power of solar accessible to all UK households, helping them take control of their energy bills, and creating a cleaner, greener Britain.

Interested in joining? Check out our careers page.

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