Sunsave Plus

Clean energy that doesn’t cost the earth

Cut your energy bill with the UK’s first solar subscription. Plus 24/7 monitoring and free replacement parts for total peace of mind.

  • All-in-one solar and battery subscription
  • From £69/month* with no upfront cost
  • 20-year Sunsave Guarantee
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Get instant savings on your energy bill

Make savings on your energy bill from day one with Sunsave Plus — and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. With no upfront cost.

A typical four-bedroom family home could save £396 every year.

Our calculations
  • Our example is a four-bedroom family home in Essex using 4,000kWh of electricity each year with a 7.1kWp solar panel system and a 5.2kWh battery.
  • This system generates 7,097kWh of electricity from solar each year, using 37% at home and selling the other 63% to the grid (earning up to 27p per kWh through the Intelligent Octopus Flux tariff).
  • On average, this household pays £93/month on its electricity bill, but the savings and export income from solar means it falls to -£39/month (so the property is actually now earning money). Taking into account the £99/month Sunsave Plus payments, the household's total outgoing on electricity is now £60/month - a £33/month saving. In a year, this household now spends £720 on electricity instead of £1,116, saving £396.
  • We’ve calculated the previous energy bill using the July 2024 Price Cap. With Sunsave Plus, the savings from grid import and export are calculated using the Intelligent Octopus Flux tariff.
  • Savings are calculated using System Advisor Model (SAM) which takes into account smart battery controls to maximise export savings.
  • This system would also save 1.63 tonnes of CO2 each year, which over 25 years is equivalent to 41 flights long-haul flights

EPVS gold certified

Our calculations have been checked and approved by EPVS. It’s a national certification standard that validates how installers calculate energy-saving estimates.

You’re fully covered with our 20-year Sunsave Guarantee

Remote monitoring

We monitor your system 24/7 so we can identify and troubleshoot any issues as they happen.

Free replacement parts

We’ll provide a free out-of-warranty replacement battery and anything else needed to keep your system in top shape.

Insurance from Aviva

Your system’s fully insured against damage, theft and fire for 20 years.

Downtime cover

We'll cover your payments if your system isn't working for an extended period of time.

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Hear from our customers

Explore our customer stories and hear how they have transformed their energy bills with Sunsave.

How it works

Your Sunsave Plus solar and battery system will start cutting your electricity bills from day one. Here’s how it works.

  • We install your top-of-the-range solar panels and battery at no upfront cost. You’ll pay us with a fixed monthly fee.
  • Your solar panels generate electricity throughout the day, even in winter. If you’re not at home to use it, it goes into your battery.
  • All the solar-generated electricity you don’t use will automatically be sold to the grid.
  • Nothing goes to waste. You either use the electricity or get paid for it. Simple.
  • Depending on your roof suitability and where your home is, your energy bills savings may exceed your Sunsave Plus payments. So there’ll be more money in your pocket each month.


We’ve been awarded £2.2m from the UK government via its Green Home Finance Accelerator initiative to fund the research, development and launch of Sunsave Plus.

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Get fast access to the best export tariffs

We’ve partnered with Octopus to make it easy to access the best export tariffs, like Intelligent Octopus Flux. Together, we’ll ensure you start getting market-leading rates for your excess energy as quickly as possible.

We’re a Which? Trusted Trader

The independent experts at Which? have put us to the test and endorsed Sunsave as a Trusted Trader, demonstrating that we’re one of the highest quality solar installers around. Learn about our accreditations.

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Solar works all year round

Solar panels work all through the year — even in the UK! All they need is a bit of daylight. Your solar panels generate the most energy in summer. This is when you’ll sell the most excess electricity to the grid. Your solar panel output will drop in winter, but won’t stop completely. You’ll just need to top up with electricity from the grid.

Our calculations
  • The chart is based on the same typical four-bedroom family home in Essex using 4,000kWh of electricity each year, with a 6kWp solar panel system and a 5.2kWh battery.
  • We’ve calculated this electricity generation using EnergyPlus solar irradiance data, plus the orientation and angle of the property’s roof.
Graph showing system performance

Protection from inflation

Even before the energy crisis, electricity prices have increased by 5.5% each year on average since 2000. Nobody can predict the future, but in this scenario we’ve assumed the same inflation going forwards.

With Sunsave Plus, your monthly payments are fixed, so you’re protected against inflation and your savings increase over time.

Our calculations
  • Electricity price change taken from ONS Consumer price inflation time series (MM23), showing 5.5% average increase between 2000-2020. Nobody can predict the future but in this scenario, we’ve assumed the same inflation going forwards.
  • Using the same typical four-bedroom family home in Essex as an example, a household with a Sunsave Plus system would save over £47,284 on electricity bills over 20 years (this includes electricity bill savings, plus income from exporting electricity to the grid).
  • By 2045, this household would pay £0 per year for electricity with Sunsave Plus and actually be earning £391 each year, whereas it would be paying £3,671 per year without Sunsave Plus.
  • After 20 years, the Sunsave Plus payments end and all the electricity generated is free.

EPVS gold certified

Our calculations have been checked and approved by EPVS. It’s a national certification standard that validates how installers calculate energy-saving estimates.

Why you’ll love Sunsave Plus

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No deposit needed

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Make instant savings

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Total peace of mind

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Increase home value

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Track your savings

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Access the best tariffs

We’re here for the long term

We’re on a mission to make solar accessible to all. Because going green shouldn’t cost the earth. Our team has experience building world-changing products at companies like OVO Energy, Monzo and Deliveroo.

We're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. As required by the FCA's Consumer Duty, we are committed to delivering great outcomes for customers, and we developed Sunsave Plus with this in mind.

We’re backed by established venture capital funds that invested in Google, Airbnb and PayPal, plus successful investors like industry leader Bill Nussey, author of Freeing Energy, and Stuart Rose, Chairman of Asda.

From £69/month

With no upfront cost

  • Solar and battery system tailored to you
  • 20-year Sunsave Guarantee
  • Best-in-class kit
  • Instant energy bill savings
  • Protection against inflation
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Works with the best export tariffs like Intelligent Octopus Flux
  • Insurance and replacement battery included
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*Finance subject to acceptance. Representative example: 240 monthly instalments of £69. 5.9% representative APR. Based on a loan of £9,813 at a fixed interest rate of 3.2% per year. Each instalment consists of £56 loan repayment plus £13 monitoring and maintenance fee. Total amount repayable: £16,560 (includes £3,532 interest and £3,215 monitoring and maintenance fee).

Frequently asked questions

What’s Sunsave Plus?

Sunsave Plus is everything you need to go solar, delivered as a 20-year subscription. It includes the design, supply, financing and install of a system tailored to your home, plus ongoing monitoring, maintenance and insurance through the Sunsave Guarantee for the length of your subscription.

How does Sunsave Plus work?

We offer low cost, long-term financing that spreads the cost of your system over 20 years. So instead of paying for a solar system in one go, you make a smaller monthly payment that allows you to save money on your energy bill from day one.

The subscription ends after 20 years, but you’ll keep your system and continue to save on your energy bill.

Our best-in-class kit works with export tariffs like Intelligent Octopus Flux, so you can sell your excess energy to the grid and maximise your savings.

Who is Sunsave Plus for?

Sunsave Plus is a good option for people who want to save on their energy bills with solar, without making a large upfront payment for a system. It also offers security and peace of mind with the Sunsave Guarantee, so you don’t get any surprise costs.

You need to be a homeowner in England or Wales to get Sunsave Plus.

Do I own my system?

Yes. Sunsave Plus isn’t a lease or rental — you own your system from the day it’s installed.

How long do batteries last?

Solar batteries are built to last a long time, although typically not as long as solar panels which work for longer than 25 years. Most batteries last around 10-12 years (our batteries come with a 10-year warranty), so they usually need to be replaced about halfway through the lifespan of your solar panels.

With Sunsave Plus, as part of the Sunsave Guarantee, we’ll provide you with one free out-of-warranty battery replacement, so you don’t need to worry about getting a new battery when your old one stops performing.

What’s the Sunsave Guarantee?

We only use best-in-class kit, and we’re fully accredited by MCS and other relevant industry bodies. The independent experts at Which? have also put us to the test and endorsed Sunsave as a Trusted Trader, demonstrating that we’re one of the highest quality solar installers around.

That said, sometimes things go wrong. And if that happens, you’re covered by the Sunsave Guarantee for the length of your subscription. It includes full system insurance (provided by Aviva), 24/7 remote monitoring, a free battery replacement, and any parts and repairs that are out of warranty.

What’s included

  • 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on panels
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on battery and inverter
  • one free out-of-warranty battery & inverter replacement
  • 24/7 system monitoring so we can see if something’s not working as expected
  • troubleshooting and support with any warranty claims
  • insurance for damage, fire, theft, and any financial losses if the system isn’t working for a prolonged period of time

What’s not included

  • panel cleaning
  • repair or replacement of bird netting
When can I get Sunsave Plus?

Sunsave Plus is available now. Answer some quick and easy questions using our online questionnaire for a free quote and savings estimate.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Your Sunsave Plus application can have up to two applicants.

  • The lead applicant must be an owner of the property
  • At least one applicant must be between 18 and 60 years old
  • Both applicants must be UK residents
Can I end my subscription early?

Even though Sunsave Plus starts as a 20-year subscription, you are free to make a full repayment to end your contract whenever you want - without any fees or penalties.

  • For full settlements, the remaining balance would just be the outstanding credit amount (i.e. not any interest or monitoring & maintenance fees you would have incurred had your subscription continued).
  • For partial settlements, any repayment you make would be deducted from the outstanding credit amount. The term of your contract with Sunsave will be reduced but your fixed monthly fees will stay the same. This means you’d accrue interest on a smaller remaining balance, and pay less overall.

If you end your subscription early, you’ll no longer be covered by the Sunsave Guarantee.

What happens if I move home?

We know moving home can be stressful, so you’ll have a dedicated Sunsave customer service representative to help you at every step.

We can’t move your Sunsave system, as it’s tailored to your home. But with Sunsave Plus, we have two options that make it simple for you to move.

1. Transfer your subscription to the new homeowner

You can transfer your system to the new homeowner*, in the same way that you transfer a utility contract.

In countries where solar subscriptions have taken off (such as the US and Germany), passing on the contract has proven to be very popular. For example, Sunrun, the US solar subscription provider, sees 98% of their customers who move home during their subscription successfully transfer their contract to the new homebuyer.

*Subject to acceptance. The new homeowner will need to pass the same eligibility requirements as any new Sunsave Plus customer.

2. Pay off the remaining balance

Alternatively, you can include the value of your solar & battery system in the sale price of your home and make a full early repayment either before the sale or using the proceeds from the sale. There are no additional charges or hidden fees for this and you do not need to repay any future interest or monitoring and maintenance fees.

  • Research from WWF & Scottish Power found that solar increases the value of a house by 0.5% to 2.0%. This study excludes the impact of batteries which would likely increase value further.
  • Rightmove study found that increasing a home’s EPC rating raised the value of that home. Adding solar to a home typically increases an EPC by one level, and the study found that increasing EPC from D to C resulted in an average increase of 3%, or £11,157.

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