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Last updated on 3 July 20244 min read

Sunsave helped Rajesh and his family go solar in July 2023. We visited his home in Hampshire to ask him a few questions about his shiny new system.

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Written byMelody Abeni

Customer with solar panels installed on their house

What sparked your interest in solar panels?

The first thing was green energy - I want to do whatever I can to be green for the sake of the country, and the Earth. The second thing was that I was paying too much to my energy firm, and I wanted to generate it myself. 

The other thing was my electric vehicle. I saw that Octopus were giving a good electricity rate for EV chargers. I thought I could generate electricity with solar panels in the daytime, and then when that runs out I can use the good Octopus tariff for my EV. And it’ll put more money in my pocket.

How did the energy crisis affect you?

It had a huge impact. Before the energy crisis I was paying around £80-100 per month, and then suddenly it went up by 100%.

The person who initially called me from Sunsave gave me all the information that I required – he was very transparent.

What were you looking for from a solar panel system?

Initially I didn’t really know much about solar and storage systems. I just thought I’d have solar panels which will generate energy and power my home. But then I came to understand that we could also store the excess electricity in a battery, which can be used when solar panels are not generating anything.

What made you decide to choose Sunsave?

Two main reasons. The first one is obviously cost - that’s the main thing that drove me to Sunsave. Several other companies were offering me the same high quality brand of solar panels and solar batteries as Sunsave, so I thought: if the type of solar panel and battery is the same, why not go with the cheapest option?

The other one was because you are a startup. I previously worked at a startup that couldn’t secure funding, so I know how difficult it can be to get started. I thought: why shouldn’t I give a chance to a new company? It’s like in the job market - if companies only took experienced people for work, nobody would get a job in the first place. If you don’t give someone a chance, they aren’t able to prove themselves.

Were you satisfied with the solar consultation process?

I was happy with it. The person who initially called me from Sunsave gave me all the information that I required - he was very transparent and gave me a really good understanding of what exactly I should expect, and what would be delivered. 

Once I’d signed the contract, Mia sent me all the details via email, explaining what the whole process would be, such as how the scaffolding would need to be put up first, and what needed to happen before all that. She also explained that the solar panels would arrive at least a week before the day of installation. 

I got a very clear explanation of what will happen, and everything went as planned. There were no surprises.

How did the day of installation go?

It went as smoothly as possible; they arrived, they did whatever they needed to do, and they left. It was a very clean process. They said it would take two days and it took two days - the first day they arrived at around 10am and left before 4pm, and the second day they spent an hour doing some electrical testing. 

I didn’t really need to ask any questions, because I’d already been given a clear description of what was going to happen on installation day.

What benefits has your Sunsave system given you?

I’ve had my installation for a couple of months at this point. 

I’m currently still paying the same amount to my energy supplier, but that’s because I pay a fixed amount each month. They will reconcile this at the end of year, which is when I’ll see that I’m mostly using solar and using far less from the grid. 

When I look at my app, I can see that my consumption from the grid is less than it used to be, which is satisfying.

I have already recommended you! When I benefit from something, I tell my friends so they can experience what I have.

Have you had any issues with your Sunsave system?

No, I haven’t had any issues.

How would you describe your experience with Sunsave?

Amazing, it was amazing. No issues. I’ve purchased many things in the past, but this thing went through without any hiccups, everything went as smoothly as it could have done. Everything was well planned, and you delivered as per the plan - it was very honest. 

From the very start of speaking to Sunsave I had good conversations and good chuckles with your people, and the installers who came to set up the panels were very friendly, not grumpy at all. 

Would you recommend Sunsave to a friend?

I have already recommended you! When I benefit from something, I tell my friends so they can experience what I have.

What advice would you give to others who are considering solar panels?

I would say it’s a no-brainer. You’ll eventually make a return on investment. It might be a few years, but definitely it’s a no-brainer.

Photo of author Melody Abeni

Written byMelody Abeni

Based in London, Melody is a specialist green technology writer who has been covering sustainability, climate action and ESG for the past five years, after gathering operational experience in green investing and financial services. She has written for various industry publications, including renewable technology advisor The Eco Experts, and she holds a Master’s degree in law from Birkbeck University.

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